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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Broken LCD Explaination

Broken LCD Repair

Make sure not to heat the digitizer or lcd too long you can damage both part by over heating!

This is an example of a broken LCD. They can also look all white, or all black. Make sure to order the right parts whenever you are repairing a phone. Warning the LCD is very delicate make sure to handle the new LCD with the upmost care.
Tools needed to replace a broken LCD;
You will also need the LCD for you model of broken phone. You find this through the link's above as well. Good luck!

Broken Digitizer Explaination

Broken Digitizer Explained


     This is an example of a broken digitizer, it's when the screen is cracked but the display still works. If this happens you will only need to get the digitizer replaced. With the exception of a few phone's that you will need to replace both either way for example; Samsung epic (sprint), Samsung Galaxy s2, or Apple iPhone 4/4s...
Tool's needed for digitizer replacement:
15-Piece Cell Repair Kit 1200 Watt Electric Heat Gun 10 Pry Tools
You will also need the digitizer for the phone that need's it. You can also find this reslly cheap with the link's above.

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Huawei Activa Hard Reset Metro PCS

This will work if you are locked out of your device. Forgot pattern or password, locked out? Warning make sure to remove your memory card before resetting or you will lose all information on the memory card. 

How to Hard Reset the LG Motion 4g Metro PCS

1. Power off phone.

2. Press and hold down Volume + Power.

3. Once the phone vibrates let go off the power and down volume and start tapping the Back soft touch key and the home soft touch at the same time. 

4. Done the phone will now hard reset. 

How to take apart Coolpad Quattro 4g Metro PCS

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Factory Data Reset Samsung Galaxy s3 Metro PCS

   This will wipe out all user data on the Samsung Galaxy s3 by Metro PCS.

Master Reset Samsung Galaxy s3 Metro PCS

    Forgot your pattern or lock code? Here's how to fix it! Make sure to remove your memory card before performing a Master Reset, if you don't this will delete all your pictures and videos.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to Move Apps to sd Card LG Motion 4g LTE

I've noticed quite a few people asking this and quite a few people that think they knew the answer to this question. I have put together a video explaination which is below. Basically and unfortunately this feature is not available on the LG Motion. The apps that people are suggesting do not work on the Motion. The phone does have 5 gigs of internal memory which definately makes up for this downfall, it will be quite a while before anyone would have the need to free up the internal memory with that much space anyway. Check out my video's on my YouTube channel for more tip's and trcks!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012