Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Hard Reset the LG Motion 4g Metro PCS

1. Power off phone.

2. Press and hold down Volume + Power.

3. Once the phone vibrates let go off the power and down volume and start tapping the Back soft touch key and the home soft touch at the same time. 

4. Done the phone will now hard reset. 


  1. I tried this didn't work. It says download mode don't unplug. What do I do please help.

  2. sounds like you pressed the wrong volume key this is done exactly how I did it in the video

  3. I bought a stolen lg motion n they say i cant use it if i hard reset it will i be able to use the phone ?

  4. U can email me n let me know thank u please lmk?

  5. My home button won't work and there is no lock screen. I tried to hard reset the phone but it won't work. I just goes to the main home screen.

  6. I did the instructions and it didn't work

    1. u can email me or post on this site my email is plz help thank u