Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Make an Insurance Claim on a Metro PCS Phone

Insurance Claim Instructions

       There are a couple ways to make an insurance claim. Claim's should only be made if your phone is lost, stolen, water damaged, or physically damaged. If the phone is in good physical condition then I would take it to a Metro pcs store and see if it can be exchanged through the warranty. Here's the 2 way's you can make a claim through Asurion (this is the insurance company.)
         On the Internet -
Over the Phone - 1-866-862-3397
  You will need your phone number and pin available to you when making a claim. Also make sure to have a method of paying the deductable it will require immediate payment for Metro pcs seeing as it is a pre-paid carrier. 


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  3. how soon after activating insurance ca one report a claim?

    I cracked the screen of my two-week-old phone.

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