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Friday, December 28, 2012

ZTE Avid 4g vs Samsung Admire 4g Metro pcs

ZTE Avid 4G vs Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g


Metro pcs

Below is a few video's to help compare the ZTE Avid 4g and the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g both by Metro pcs. These are the 2 newest smartphone's offered at Metro pcs. The ZTE Avid 4g retail's at $149 and the Admire 4g is only $129 (for a limited time.) I personally think the ZTE is an excellent phone and in my opinion would be the one to buy. Check out the video's below and make your own judgment though!
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ZTE Avid Hard Reset

ZTE Avid 4g

Factory Data Reset


Forgot your pattern or lock code and locked out of your ZTE Avid 4g by Metro pcs? Here's how to fix it. Make sure to remove your memory card or it will be wiped out as well...
1. Power off your device either pull the battery and put back in or press and hold the Power Button and select power off.
2. Press and hold Volume up+Power when the phoone vibrate's release the Power Button but continue holding the Volume Up Key.
3. You should now be in recovery mode. Use Volume Down to highlight Wipe data/Factory reset press Power to confirm.
4. Press Power once more to complete then select reboot.
5. Done.


Factory Reset.

menu-settings-privacy-factory data reset- erase everything- yes
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Worst Metro PCS Phone's of 2012

Warning Do Not Buy!


I put together this short list of Metro pcs handset's not to buy. Beware a salesman that's out of what you want will sell you anything. Your more than welcome to check out my YouTube channel to be able to gauge my opinion, I have thoroughly tested just about every Metro pcs device that's available and have about 10 year's experience in cell phone sale's and repair. So here's my DO NOT BUY list of 2012!

#1 Coolpad Quattro 4g


The Coolpad 4g is a definate do not buy! The screen is very unresponsive and when a screen protector is applied to the screen the bottom button don't work at all. The form factor is bulky and uncomfortable to carry and is running Gingerbread. Device is very slow which is expected with only a 1Ghz single core processor and has very little internal memory which mean's very little space for apps.

#2 ZTE Anthem 4g

I only added this device because for $200+ this should have ICS or Jelly bean. Spec's are ok price is too high. I would definately buy the ZTE Avid or LG Motion over spending this kind of money.

#3 Any 3G Smartphone!

All the 3g smartphone's are a minimum of $50 a month. Minimum plan on 4g device $30/month and the phone's are very close in price. Dont buy a 3g Android device from Metro pcs!


Best Metro PCS Phone's of 2012 !

Top Metro pcs Phone's of 2012

It's been a great year for Metro pcs. This is a short list of the top phone's that Metro pcs has launched in 2012. I will also e releasing a list of phone's not to buy check out the rest of my blog for more info.

#1 Samsung Galaxy s3

Top selling device in the world right now available with no contract for only $499!!! Also you can have a $30/month 4g plan with this beast.

#2 LG Motion 4g

Definately the most bang for your buck, the LG Motion retail's at only $149 and is equiped with a dual core 1.2Ghz processor and ICS.

#3 ZTE Avid 4g

Another dual core beast running ICS. Retail's for only $149 as well and has a 4" display a definate must see.

LG Motion VS ZTE Avid 4g Metro pcs


ZTE Avid 4g VS LG Motion 4g

Metro pcs


Antutu Benchmark

I put together a couple video's comparing the new ZTE Avid 4g and the LG Motion. Both are great device's with a price of only $149 I'd say these two are the best bang for your buck with Metro pcs right now. Above is a benchmark video using Antutu Benchmark from the Google Play Store.

Quadrant Standard

This video is another benchmark using Quadrant Standard. I also added a couple review's below for spec comparrison. Both phone's sport a dual core 1.2 Ghz processor that fly's. Check out the rest of the spec's.

Unboxing the ZTE Avid 4g


ZTE Avid 4g Hand's on Review


LG Motion Unboxing


LG Motion Review

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

ZTE Avid 4g LTE Screen Shot Metro pcs

ZTE Avid 4G Screen Shot


The video below show's how to take a screen shot on the new ZTE Avid 4G by Metro pcs.

Samsung Admire 4g Screen Shot

Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g

Screen Shot


To do a screen shot on the new Samsung Admire 4g by Metro pcs you need to press home+power at the same time and release them. I am demonstrating this in the video below.

Friday, December 21, 2012

ZTE Avid 4g Review and Unboxing Metro pcs

ZTE Avid 4g Metro pcs


I put together a hand's on review and unboxing video of the new ZTE Avid 4g LTE by Metro pcs. Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for more video's. If you have a request for a certain video just leave your request in the comment's below and I will put it together as soon as possible. Thank's here's the link for my channel Murphys Cell Repair


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ZTE Avid Spec's and Photo's Metro pcs

ZTE Avid

The new ZTE Avid is coming to Metro pcs late December 2012. There isn't alot of info on this as of yet but I put together what I could find. Below are the spec's that were available to me and some picture's of the device. I will be making some video's and posting them on YouTube over the next couple day's make sure to check my channel for them Here

Just a front shot of the device.


1.2Ghz dual core processor
4GB of internal memory
1GB of RAM
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
5MP Rear Facing Camera w/ Flash
Panorama Camera mode
VGA Front Facing Camera
4" WVGA touch screen display
Compatible with Micro SD card up too 32GB
Dolby Mobile Surround Sound Experience
SRS Audio Enhancment
Compatible with Joyn

4G Mobile Hotspot for Metro pcs Explained

Metro pcs 4G Mobile Hotspot


Metro pcs has quite a few devices that are now equiped with a 4G mobile hotspot. To be able to use this feature you will have to be on either the $50 or $60 plan and the mobile hotspot is a $10 add on. The limit's are explained in the video's below.

Here's the data usage chart as well to give you an idea of how fast the limit would be hit.

Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g VS. LG Motion Metro pcs

LG Motion vs Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g

Quadrant Standard

The Motion and the Admire 4g go head to head in the video below. The video is of a benchmark being run on both devices side by side. This is a test of the processing speed and how well the devices handle graphics!

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New Basic Phone by Metro pcs

Huawei Verge


The newest feature phone in the Metro pcs lineup. The Verge is available for only $29! Check out the video below for more info on the Huawei Verge.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g HD Gaming

HD Gaming on the New

Samsung Admire 4g by Metro pcs


I put together a couple of video's demonstrating HD gameplay on the new Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g for Metro pcs. Frist video is Temple run, it's available for free in the Google Play Store. The second I am playing Death Dome which is also a free download from the Google Play Store. If you would like to see a particular game played on the Admire just leave your request in the comment's.
Not too bad I did experience some lag while playing and every once in a while the screen was unresponsive.
Great game with very good graphics. Unfortunately I'd say the Admire was very unresponsive when playing and the lag was awful. Worst part about it the load time was really long...

Friday, December 14, 2012

4 Day Sale at Metro pcs Start's December 14th 2012

Metro pcs 4 Day Sale

 This sale has been extended to December 24th!!!
This is another great sale from Metro pcs, for 4 day's only get up to $100 off select device's.
Samsung Galaxy s3 only $399.99!!!
Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g only $129.99!
White Samsung Galaxy Admire only $79.99
Also the Coolpad Quattro has been reduced to $79.99 out the door. That's right they made the mail in rebate instant! All 4G phone are compatible with the $30 4g Promotional plan (must buy a new handset to change to any promotional plan!)

Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g Unboxing Metro PCS

   Take a closer look at the new Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g by Metro pcs. This phone went on sale today for only $129.99! till Monday December 17th 2012. This device is compatable with the $30/month 4g promotional plan. The video below give's a close look at what the phone looks like and it's form factor. Check it out!

Also check out this video for info on the 4 day sale starting December 14th 2012 at your local Metro pcs location!

Thanks for watching make sure to follow my blog for more info on the latest smartphone's and sale's going on this December!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Admire Review and Quadrant Standard

Samsung Galaxy s3 Review & Quadrant Standard


The Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g will be the final addition to Metro PCS' smartphone lineup this year(2012). It's available in store's now for $169.99, and is compatible with the $30/month 4g promotional plan for a limited time. The phone run's on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) which was definately a little bit of a let down. I was hoping they would at least epuip this device with ICS. I haven't found anything on if they are planning to update this to ICS or Jelly Bean yet but I also don't believe there are any Android phone with a single core processor that are running the newer version's of Anroid either. This device only has a 1Ghz processor, another dissapointment... The rear facing camera is 3MP and the front facing is 1.3MP.
After using the device for a few hour's I decided the 1Ghz processor actually is just fine on this phone. I have not witnessed any lag on the device even when multitasking. The internal memory isn't bad on the phone when I took it out of the box it had 1.5GB of free internal memory. That's plenty of room to download app's. The phone does also take a micro sd card for expanded memory. Camera quality is pretty good definately alot better than the first generation Admire and I really like the screen size. 3.65" sounded smaller than I would like but it's very comfortable in my hand as well as my pocket and was a refreshing break from the gigantic screen on the Galaxy s2 I have been using. The video above is a short hand's on review of the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g, check it out! The one below is a benchmark test using Quadrant Standard from the Google Play Store.


If you have any question's or would like to request a video made showing you how to do something on your phone just leave your request in the comment's I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g Factory Hard Reset

Factory Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g

Metro pcs


   Forgot the pattern or password on your Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g by Metro pcs. Here's how to fix it! Make sure to remove your memory card before wiping your phone or you might lose all of your picture's, video's, and anything else that may be stored on the micro sd card.

   Hard Reset from Recovery

- Power off your phone either by pressing and hold the power key then select power off or pulling the battery out and putting it back in.

- While the device is off press and hold the Volume up+Power key's.

- This will bring you to Android recovery screen. Use Volume Down key to highlight "wipe data/factory reset" press home key to select.

- Then press Volume Up to confirm. Your device will now hard reset.

- Press Home key again to reboot phone to the home screen.

* This will erase all user loaded content on the device including contact's, make sure to back up your contact's before wiping if possible. The video below demonstrat's how to do this method of wiping the phone.


If you are not locked out of your device and are trying to Factory Reset the phone you can use this method.
From the home screen press Menu->Settings->Privacy->Factory Data Reset->Erase Everything
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to Use WIFI on Android Smartphone

How to Use WIFI


I've noticed alot of people who haven't previously owned smartphone's are now getting them with the great deal's out there today. So I decided to post some of the basic feature's you can use with any Android smartphone. The video above is on how to use a WIFI signal. Not only will this make your intenet much faster but it will also save your battery life a little bit. In the video I am using the Samsung Galaxy s3 but the setup is pretty much the same on all Android device's. Thank's for reading and I hope this helped.
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Limited Time Offer's at Metro PCS December 2012

$30/Month 4G Plan

For a limited time get one of Metro pcs' newest 4G phone's for as little as $30/Month! Available with purchase of a new 4G handset (you can keep the same number) and only available in store's! Remeber this is only a limited time offer so get to a Metro pcs store soon to pick one up today! 


BOGO Christmas Deal December 2012

Buy one get the 2nd phone ($69.99 value or less) for free! Great for a Christmas present or just as a backup phone in case you lose or break your current phone. There is a $25 plan available with the free phone but only on new activation cannot get the $25 plan on an upgrade. This will only be available for a limited time so I would get your as soon as possible.

Friday, December 7, 2012

How to Create a Folder for Apps on Samsung Galaxy s3

How to Create a Folder

   This will work for many Android phone's, in the video above it is being demonstrated on the Samsung Galaxy s3. This is a great way to make more room on your home screen's for whatever you might want to put on there.

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Metro PCS Christmas Sale ! Samsung Galaxy s3

Metro PCS Christmas Sale

Samsung Galaxy s3


Word is the Samsung Galaxy s3 will be on sale again at Metro pcs for only $399 again as of December 15th, 2012. If you are dying to pick one up but not willing to drop the $500 I would check out your lcoal Metro pcs on or after December 15th to pick your's up! I will be announcing any other sale's I hear about as soon as I can. This is the only offer that I am aware of yet.
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g LTE by Metro pcs

Samsung Galaxy Admire Pre-Launch

Video with Pricing


Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g will be available in store's starting December 8th 2012 for only $169! Check out this video for some spec's on the device. This will be the last handset that Metro pcs is launching in 2012 head to your local Metro pcs after Saturday to check it out in person!

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Samsung Admire 4g LTE Metro pcs

Samsung Admire 4g LTE Metro pcs

Latest new's on the Samsung Admire 4g LTE by Metro pcs.


Introducing the newest 4g LTE smartphone in Metro PCS' phone lineup. The Samsung Admire 4g LTE is an upgrade to the Samsung Admire. They have added 4g service to the device and a few other feature's, check out the video below for spec's on this new smartphone.
The device will launch by Monday December 10th, 2012 and the price will be $169.99. $30 4g plan will be available for this handset. Check it out at your local Metro pcs by the end of next week !!!

   I will be making a hand's on review on YouTube the day it become's available. Subscribe to my Youtube channel to be the first to know! Subscribe Here Also make sure to look through the rest of this blog for any question's you may have about your smartphone. If I haven't already posted an answer just leave it in the comment's I will be sure to write a responce as fast as possible! Thank's for reading.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LG Optimus G Hard Reset

LG Optimus G Hard Reset



This will come in useful when you lock yourself out of your phone. Forgot pattern or password here's how to erase the lock on the LG Optimus G by Sprint.
- Turn phone off either by removing the battery and putting it back in or push and hold the power key then chose (power off)
- Press and hold Power and Volume Down at the same time.
- Release th key's when the Factory Hard Reset screen appears.
- Make sure to read the warning and press Power to confirm any other key will abort the reset.
- Press the Power key one more time to confirm.
- Your device will now Hard Reset.
I would always remove your memory card before resetting a device!
If your not locked out of your device you can take the following step's to master reset your device.
- From the home screen press Menu.
- select Settings->Backup and Reset->Factory Data Reset->Reset Device->Erase Everything

LG Mach Hard Reset

LG Mach by Sprint Master Reset

This will come in handy if you forget your pattern or password and are locked out of your phone. Make sure to remove the memory card before erasing the phone or you will lose your picture's and video's. I you have any question's feel free to leave a comment!

- Power off phone
- Press and hold Home/Volume up/Power key's at the same time.
- Use Volume down to highlight "Wipe data" press power to confirm