Thursday, December 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g Factory Hard Reset

Factory Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g

Metro pcs


   Forgot the pattern or password on your Samsung Galaxy Admire 4g by Metro pcs. Here's how to fix it! Make sure to remove your memory card before wiping your phone or you might lose all of your picture's, video's, and anything else that may be stored on the micro sd card.

   Hard Reset from Recovery

- Power off your phone either by pressing and hold the power key then select power off or pulling the battery out and putting it back in.

- While the device is off press and hold the Volume up+Power key's.

- This will bring you to Android recovery screen. Use Volume Down key to highlight "wipe data/factory reset" press home key to select.

- Then press Volume Up to confirm. Your device will now hard reset.

- Press Home key again to reboot phone to the home screen.

* This will erase all user loaded content on the device including contact's, make sure to back up your contact's before wiping if possible. The video below demonstrat's how to do this method of wiping the phone.


If you are not locked out of your device and are trying to Factory Reset the phone you can use this method.
From the home screen press Menu->Settings->Privacy->Factory Data Reset->Erase Everything
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  1. I got a problem . My 4g admire wont even turn on . So it had low battery , and it turned off by itself (Battery died) . But when I plug in my ac to the phone , it doesnt charge! Battery still cold but I dont see any physical damages in the battery charger . Any Ideas??

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