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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Best Metro pcs Phone's April 2013 !

Wondering What To Buy?

    Metro pcs launched quite a few 4G Android phone's lately and I figured I would throw together a short list on which I would buy and why. To give you a little backround on myself, I've been in the wireless industry for about 10 years now and am currently working as a repair tech / IT for a Metro PCS company located in Rhode Island. This list is my opinion and you are entitled to have your own opinion. Please feel free to ask any question's you may have in the comment section below. 

The Good 

#1 Samsung Galaxy s3 (I don't really care what carrier you have, this is the phone to buy. Worth 500 pennies that Metro charges for this beast!.)

#2 LG Spirit 4G ( Though not as good as the GS3 it definitely hold's it's own. Also much better price starting at $279.99.)

#3 LG Motion 4G ( It was a close call but the Motion is a quality device. Smooth, fast, durable, and 5GB of internal memory.)

#4 Huawei Premia 4G ( Dual Core 1.5Ghz processor for only $149.99! Wow, is all I have to say. My only complaint is the auto focus on the camcorder make's the video blur in and out of focus constantly. If your into taking video's I would not buy!.)

The Bad

#1 Coolpad Quattro 4G ( Slow, terrible internet connectivity, poor call quality, outdated OS, break's very easy, just an all around terrible device. I understand it can be appealing with the low price point of $79.99 but please don't be fooled this thing is a lemon.)

#2 Samsung Admire 4G ( Only a single core processor and the same price as 3 other 4G phone's that have dual core and move the speed of light compared to this Samsung Galaxy s3 knock off. Please people don't just buy a phone because it look's like the one everone want's!)

#3 All 3g Androids ( Let this be a warning a lot of Metro PCS store's are trying o unload their aging inventory before it become's useless. Make sure your looking at the 4G phone's or you will be disappointed!) 

The Ugly

     The ugly would be just about anything I did not mention beside's the basic phone's, obviously I'm only referring to smart phone's in this article. Also yes Metro pcs is now part of T-Mobile and there will probably be a whole new line of phone's on the shelve's soon. Metro pcs phone will still work for the next 2 year's though and you may as well buy your new T-Mobile phone's at your local Metro dealer just like you always would!

T-Mobile Metro Update !

      Merge New's !

     Earlier today it was announced that Metro pcs will be around for about 2 more year's, even though yes T-Mobile now own's Metro and will be slowly moving Metro pcs customer's over to T-Mobile's network. I'm dying to see how fast they start migrating customer's over... Does this mean that everyone has to get new phone's? Only if you have Metro pcs. I would expect to see some very nice offer's on the exsisting Metro pcs phone's followed by some even better deal's on T-Mobile handset's. Keep your eye's open for the deal's because there coming!

May Promotion's for Metro pcs!

    Fyi, tomorrow Metro pcs is starting their latest promotion. That's right it starts... $50 instant off most 4g handset's plus another $50 back in the mail. This offer will only be available on new activation's, upgrade's are not eligible for rebate's. That bring's device's like the LG Motion and the Huawei Premia 4G down to only $49.99 after rebate's !!! Also the mail in rebate offer below is being extended into the month of May! Get up to $300 back when you get 3 new line's of service.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shareholder's Approve T-Mobile Merge !

Metro PCS T-Mobile Merge

April 24th 2013

          After a couple bump's in the road Metro pcs shareholder's voted to approve T-Mobile's proposed reverse merge. More information will be available later today and I will make sure to update this blog with any change's I find out!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LG Optimus L9 Unboxing

LG Optimus L9 Unboxing

   One of my partner's put this video together so we could take a look at the Optimus L9. Check it out!

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Samsung Galaxy s3 Tip's and Trick's

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tip's and Trick's 

    Got some little tip's and trick's video's below for the Samsung Galaxy s3 ! If there's anything you would like to know how to do just leave your request in the comment's on this blog or on my YouTube channel. 

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Tectile's !

Uploading a Video !

LED Notification Light Setting's 

Stay Smart 

How To Customize the Lock Screen

Google Search Now (Jelly Bean Only!)

Battery Tip's 

For more tip's on how to use your Samsung Galaxy s3 make sure to follow the link at the beginning of this post and check out my YouTube channel!

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Tomorrow's The Big Day!

We Find Out Tomorrow

   The wait should be over tomorrow April 24th 2013 when Metro pcs stock holder's will be voting on T-Mobile's revised offer to purchase Metro pcs. Look's like it's going to happen this time, they cut the debt load by 3.8 billion and lowered the interest rate on the debt to sweeten the deal for pcs shareholder's. Make sure to check out my YouTube channel tomorrow and this blog for any breaking new's with this merger!

    Personally, I'm very curious what will happen to the Metro pcs store's and brand name? I've heard rumor's that it won't change but I've also heard that it will take on T-Mobile's name... If it does my guess would be that we will see some store's closing their door's over the cost involved with the brand change.  

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Metro pcs T-Mobile Merge New's


           Yesterday was supposed to be the big day but it was pushed off again after a slight revision with the deal between T-Mobile and Metro pcs. Shareholder's for Metro pcs were scheduled to vote on the merger yesterday and were very unhappy with the deal as proposed. In fear of losing the vote T-Mobile lowered the debt being given to Metro pcs by 3.8 billion dollar's and lowered the interest rate on this debt by half a percent. They are now scheduled to vote April 24th 2013. Shareholder's for Metro pcs are still hoping for a little more from T-Mobile and I will update this blog with any changes in the deal before the 24th. The shareholder's for Metro pcs could turn this merger down and at the moment the deal still doesn't look that great.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

LG Spirit 4G Battery Tip's and Trick's

Extend Your Battery!

After buying the LG Spirit 4G for Metro pcs I figured I should post some battery saving tip's. Out of the box I was only making it till about 3 or 4 in the afternoon before having to plug in my phone. Using these tip's my Spirit now last's me till I get home around 8 or 9 at night. A huge improvment! Read below and watch the video to learn how to get the most out of your battery.
1. Make sure any transmitter's you don't use are turned off! (This include's Bluetooth, WIFI, and GPS.)
2. When there is an open WIFI signal make sure to use it! (Using WIFI to get the internet uses alot less battery life than using the mobile network.)
3. Make sure your display is not set to Auto Brightness. (From the home screen press menu->settings->display->brightness   and adjust the brightness as low as you can tolerate.)
4. Turn off any sync's that you don't use. (From the home screen press menu->settings->accounts and sync   then select account and uncheck the boxes next to anything you don't use.)
5. Don't waste your time with app's that claiim to save battery life, most of these app's don't truly work. Some of them can actually drain your battery instead of improving.
I also put together a video showing how to do these easy battery saving tricks. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel's here's the links.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Google Drive

How To Use Google Drive 

   The video below is a demonstration on how to use Google Drive. Google drive allow's you to place large file's into a folder on your PC and it will almost instantly appear on any devices that you have Google Drive installed. You can also share the file's with other Google Drive user's in a matter of second's without worrying about file attachment size at all! Check out the video below on how to use Google Drive !

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LOL Metro Employee Dancing with Android LOL

Yet again my YouTube partner having fun with one of his employee's LOL.

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How to Use Tectile's with the Samsung Galaxy s3

Tectile's !

   One of the little used feature's of the Samsung Galaxy s3 would have to be Tectile's. Not a bad idea for some but I'm pretty sure most are just unaware of how to use this new feature. In the video below I am demonstrating how to set up and use a Tectile. The tile's are programable to tell your phone to do almost anything. Check out the video below for more info!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Saving's at Metro PCS!

     This promotion is only available for new activation's, mail in rebate's are not valid with upgrade's or purchases mase without activation!

     I like this promotion but do wish all customer's were eligible for the mail in rebate's. You could always change your phone number's to be able to take advantage of this promotion, but who really want's to do that. They also raised the price of the LG Motion 4G back to $149 from $50 ! Last month you could get 2 LG Motion's for $100 after rebate on new activation's now that will be $150. Sound's like they are trying to recover some money here, that's a pretty high price jump for an android with a 3.5" touch screen. With the merge right around the corner I'd expect to see alot more changes coming very soon...