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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Samsung Galaxy s4 vs HTC One

Samsung Galaxy s4



      The 2 hottest phone's of the year compared side by side below in this video. Check it out, thanks to Phone Buff for bringing us this video!

iPhone 5 vs Jelly Bean

iPhone 5 vs Jelly Bean 


LifeProof frē for iPhone 5

LifeProof frē for iPhone 5

This case is amazing, check out the review below for more info!

iPhone 5 Drop Test !

iPhone 5 Drop Test 

 I love when people break their iPhone's, I love it even more when it's on purpose LOL.

Siri VS Google Now

Siri VS Google Now 


Facebook Home Samsung Galaxy s3

Facebook Home Samsung Galaxy s3 

    Check out the video review below on the app Facebook Home. The video is brought to us from Metro pcs World Class ! Make sure to show your support and subscribe to his channel. I included a link for his channel below the video.

Google Now for iOS !

Google Now on iOS!

    Google now is a great new feature that help's to make life easier. It's voice activated and will combine your Google information all in one place. Check out the video below for a review on Google Now for iOS.

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Also make sure to check out the official Metro Phone Repair YouTube channel.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make Money Answering Your Phone ? Introducing AdKash for Android!

AdKash for Android

   I've been in the publishing and advertising game for about a year now and today I came across a very interesting product called AdKash.  AdKash is an Anroid app that once you download onto your phone ads will run on our phone everytime you receive a text message or a phone call. Here's the catch, everytime this happen's you get paid. Refer a friend to be an affiliate and you also get paid, not only paid but residual income. This program isn't free, but look's like making the money back off the subscription will take no time at all. The cost for an affiliate membership is around $40 for a year. So if your looking to make some extra cash with just about zero effort this is a must see. For more information on how to get started today just click on the link below.

Adkash Info

This app is available for all carrier's starting today! That's right whether you have T-Mobile, Metro pcs, Sprint, Verizon, or ATT you can start earning money from ads right now!