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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit Metro pcs

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit  


    Take a look at one of the first T-Mobile handset's available for Metro pcs in select market's. You can also bring your own unlocked device to Metro and get a sim card for your device!

LG Optimus L9 Metro PCS

LG Optimus L9 Metro pcs

Unboxing !

     The LG Optimus L9 is only available for Metro pcs in select market's and run's on T-Mobile's nationwide coverage! You can also now bring your own unlocked phone to Metro pcs and use it with their service!

Check out this unboxing video to get a look at the new LG Optimus L9 by Metro pcs.

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit Hard Reset Metro PCS

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit Hard Reset 

      Make sure to backup your contacts and remove your memory card before performing a factory data reset! The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit is only available for Metro pcs in select market's and run's on the T-Mobile nationwide network!

 - Power down the device either by pressing and holding the power key and selecting "Power Off" or removing the battery and placing it back in. 

 - While powered off press and hold both the Down Volume + Power/Lock 

 - When the logo display's, release the Power/Lock button while continuing to hold Volume Down

 - Select Factory Data Reset using the volume key and press power to confirm. 

 - All data will now be wiped!

    This can rase a password if you forgot the password and are locked out of your phone!

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for more information on the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit by Metro pcs! Here's the link --->

LG Optimus L9 Metro pcs Hard Reset

LG Optimus L9 Hard Reset 

   This tutorial will allow you to factory reset your device if your locked out of your phone and forgot your password. Make sure to always remove your memory card and back up your contact's before doing a hard reset. 

The Metro pcs version of the LG Optimus L9 is only available in select market's right now and run's on T-Mobile's nationwide network!

- Power off the device by either pressing and holding the power button and selecting "power off" or remove the battery and place back in the device. 

- Press and hold the following key's for about 8 second's, Volume Down+Home+Power/Lock

- Your device will now perform a factory reset and will power cycle. 

Make sure to check out my YouTube Channel for more info on the latest handset's that Metro pcs has to offer!  Youtube Link  --->

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Smartphone's Coming To Metro June 12th

GSM Phone's At Metro !


June 12th is the date that you can get T-Mobile's nation wide coverage combined with Metro pcs plan's! They will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit, LG Optimus L9, and a Flip phone that will be running on the T-Mobile network. Also feel free to bring your own unlocked GSM phone to Metro and purchase a sim card as of June 12th!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Metro PCS New Direction With New Partner T-Mobile

Don't Be Left Behind!

    Ok, this is what everybody has been waiting for. The answer to the big question... What is going to happen to Metro pcs now that T-Mobile bought them???   Here's what I know and my sources are very good. As of June 12th 2013 Metro pcs will begin carrying GSM sim card's and a few Metro branded GSM phone's. They will be getting the Samsung Galaxy s4 and the Nokia Lumina, the iPhone is still unconfirmed. You will be able to bring your unlocked gsm phone to Metro pcs and buy a sim card for their service. Does this mean your current Metro phone is going to be useless? NO, they will phase out the handset's over the course of the next 2 year's. Till that time your old Metro handset will work the same as allway's. There is of course a benefit to the new line of smartphone's of course, more coverage! These phone's will run on T-Mobile's much larger network and still have Metro's fast LTE 4g speed! Not to forget the great plan's that Metro has to offer. I will be updating in the next week or so hopefully to confirm the iPhone?? I'm very excited about everything that is happening here at Metro pcs right now make sure to check back !