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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Hard Reset Sprint

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Hard Reset
Forgot your pattern or password and can't get back into your Note 5? Here's how to do a factory reset and erase everything, even that forgotten password! The Note 5 is the latest addition to the Galaxy family and wow what a nice phone. Make sure to check out my Youtube channel for more videos on the Note 5 and other Sprint phones! Always make sure to have all your info backed up through Gmail or another great backup service so that you don't lose your information!
How to Hard Reset the Note 5
1. Power off the phone using the Power Button. Do Not try to remove the battery it is not supposed to be removed!
2. Press and hold the following 3 buttons at the same time - Power, Home, and Volume Up.
3. Once the phone vibrates let go of the Power Button but continue to hold down the other 2 buttons until you see a small Android on youur screen.
4. The Android hangs out for what feels like forever.... almost a full 40 seconds amazing how 30 or 40 seconds can feel so long isn't it....
5. Now you are in recovery mode. Use the Volume Down button to highlight Wipe Data/Factory Reset and press Power to confirm.
6. Use Volume Down to highlight Yes then press Power to confirm.
7. Press Power one more time to Reboot System Now and your done!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

LG G Flex 2 How to Use Talk Back (Shut Off)

LG G Flex 2
Talk Back
Talk back is a feature for the sight impaired so that when they touch something on their phone it reads off what it is they have tapped on. I've seen alot of people that turn this on by accident and have no clue how to fix it. I've also seen almost every salesman that comes accross this immediately hard resets the phone. This is not neccessary! Also nothing is wrong with your phone either! I made this video below to demonatrate how to navigate your phone when Talk Back is enabled. Check it out and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Here's the breakdown of how this works. You tap an app once to highlight it (this is when the phone reads what you pressed on), then double tap the app to open it. To scroll up and down or left the right you must use 2 fingers at the same time. To turn it off go to Settings->Accessibility->Talk Back->Off. This pretty much works this way on any phone.

LG G Flex 2 Hard Reset

LG G Flex 2
Hard Reset Sprint
Locked out of your LG Flex 2? Forgot your pattern or passsword? Well here's how to get the phone back to factory default and erase everything including that pesky password. Always make sure to remove your memory card before performing any hard reset to your phone! This will erase everything on the memory card if you forget to remove.

Factory Reset from Recovery 
1. Turn the power off. Either by removing the battery or using the Power Button.

2. Press and hold the Power + Volume Down Key on the phone.

3. Release all keys when Android Recovery is displayed on the screen.

4. Press the Volume Key to scroll to Wipe Data/Factory Reset, then press the Power to confirm.
5. Use Volume Down to scroll to Yes and press Power to confirm.
6. Press Power to Reboot Phone.

- Here's a video showing you how to Hard Reset the phone in case you haed any trouble -


Sunday, August 16, 2015

LF Flex 2 Full Screen Front Facing Camera

LG Flex 2
For Sprint
The flex 2 has an amazing camera, both the front and rear cameras are very impresive. The otherday I had someone ask me how to make the front facing camera show up as ful screen and I just couldn't figure it out. So diging through the web I found my answer on Reddit and it's probably the easiest fix I've ever seen. The front facing camera is designed to be able to take photos in little to no light which is why this happens. To make it go ful screen again all you have to do is turn off the flash! Yup it's that simple.

This feature definitely makes this phone the King of selfie taking! If you can't stop taking taking those selfies this is the device for you!

Thanks for reading if you have anything you ned to learn how to do on your smartphone let me know right in the comments and I wil be sure to answer as fast as possible. Also check out my YouTube Channel.