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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Verizon Phone Warranty and Replacement

Certified Like-New Replacement

If your current device is under warranty and experiences electrical or mechanical malfunction due to manufacturing defect, you'll receive a Certified Like-New Replacement (a like unit or one of comparable quality). Certified Like-New Replacement devices have been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to like-new condition. Reconditioned refers to devices that have been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to manufacturer performance levels, although minor cosmetic blemishes may be present. The devices go through comprehensive testing, including:
  • Visual cosmetic inspection
  • Advanced functional, manual and electronic inspections
  • Latest software and hardware upgrades

T-Mobile Phone Warranties and Exchanges

How to Exchange a device under warranty with T-Mobile

If we can't get your phone, tablet, or wearable working right, we're still here to help.

Metro PCS Phone Warranties and Replacement

Metro PCS Phone Warranty's

   I had a lot of question's regarding the warranty policy's at Metro PCS. So here's how they work.

Moto E4 Plus Hard Reset from Android Recovery

Moto E4 Plus

Locked out and can't get past the lock screen on your new Moto E4 Plus? Here's how to bypass the lockscreen and regain access to your device. Warning this will erase everything from your phone if it is not backed up then you will not be able to recover the information that is lost. This also goes for photos, texts, or anything else that is lost from resetting your phone.

    Must See First Trailer for Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

    I for one can't wait for the release of Marvel Comics new Captain Marvel. Check out the first released trailer for the movie below and let me know your opinion in the comments!