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Friday, November 16, 2012

Android Battery Calibration Guide

Battery Calibration Any Android

I've had alot of question's on what step's can be taken to get the most out of your phone's battery. I have posted some tip's and trick's on a previous post on this blog.
There's a couple way's you can tell you need to calibrate your battery;
- battery dies a lot faster than it used to.
- Charge your batttery full and when you take it off the charge it immediatly jump's down below 100%
- If you just rooted your phoe I would always suggest calibrating your battery after.
If these any of these issues have been happening on your phone try taking the following step's;
1. Drain battery below 30%
2. Plug phone in while the phone is turned on till it is at full charge.
3. Unplug phone.
4. Turn phone off either by pulling the battery or push and hold the power key and select "Power Off"
5. Plug phone in while power is off till the battery is full again.
6. Unplug phone and power on.
7. Once at the home screen plug the phone back in and charge to full battery.
8. If your phone showed full battery right away on the last step then it's done and your battery is calibrated. If it still took a few minutes to show full then repeat step's 3 through 7. If your device is rooted see step 9.
9. Power off your phone and enter recovery mode (the way to get to recovery is different on every Android phone.) If you need to know how to get to recovery leave a comment with your phone model and I will get the instruction's for you.
10. In recovery you will want to use volume up and down to get to "Advanced Option" In this menu select "wipe battery stats".
11. After step 10 is complete follow step's 2 through 8 until your battery is calibrated.
Thanks for reading if you have any question's feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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