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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Android Battery Saving Tip's

Android Battery Tip's

1. Turn off any transmitter's that you are not using. For example WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS. You can turn on any of these when you are going to use them.

2. Make sure to leave app's using the back button and not the home key. Reason being when you use the back button the phone will automatically close the app so it will not be running in the backround.

3. Check and see what's syncing to your phone. Follow these step's to access your sync menu: from the home screen press-> Menu -> Settings-> Accounts and syncs.

Here you will see a list of account's that have been synced on your device, when you click on one it will show the individual services that are being synced. For instance a Gmail account might have the following;

Google Photos
Google Play Books
Google Play Magazine
Google Play Movie's
Instant Upload
Picasa Web Albums

I generally only keep my Google Photo's, Gmail, and Contact's synced. Next to whatever option's you are not using un-check the box to the right. By doing this you device will not be trying to retrieve information that's not their because you do not use this service.

4. Display Option's - From home screen ->Menu->Settings->Display
Change the following option in this menu.
Animations- Turn off.
Brightness- Turn off auto brightness and manually set the best brightness for your eye's.

Here's a short video showing the step's above on the Samsung Galaxy s3.

5. Do Not Charge Your Phone Over Night - It's better to starve your battery let it get below 30% before charging and take it off the charger when it is done charging. A lot of new Android device's actually charge pretty fast now and plugging in for an hour to an hour and a half should almost fill your battery.
Thank's for reading, if you follow these battery saving tip's you will greatly extend your battery's life. If you have any question's feel free to leave them in comment's and I will be sure to answer you as soon as I can. Also make sure to look at your battery for any swelling on the side's if you are having issue's with it draining fast. If there is swelling you more than likely will need a new battery. I provided a link below where you should be able to find a cheap battery. Also make sure it is not your charger before purchasing a new battery. Try another person's charger with your device and see if it charger's better. If not you might need a new one.
                           Samsung Galaxy s3 Battery Micro USB Charger for Most Android Phones