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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LG Motion vs LG Connect Metro pcs

LG Motion 4g VS LG Connect 4g

Metro PCS

Two of the top smartphone's made by LG available for Metro pcs, head to head. Spec wise these 2 are close so I figured I would write about the difference between these two.
      LG Motion
             Dual core 1.2Ghz Processor (when tested with Quadrant Standard it clock's at 1.5 Ghz
             5MP Rear Facing Camera
             .3MP Front Facing Camera
              3.5" Display Super Nova Glass
              5gb internal memory
              Resolution 320 x 480 pixels
              Pixel Density 165 ppi
              5.4 Hour's of Talk Time
              12.1 Day's of standby time
              Battery Capacity 1700mAh
     LG Motion
              Dual Core 1.2Ghz Processor
              5MP Rear Facing Camera
              .3 MP Front Facing Camera
              4.0" Display
              2gb internal Memory
              Resolution 480x800 pixels
              Pixel Density 233ppi
              4.5 Hour's of Talk Time
              10.4 Day's of Standby Time
              Battery Capacity 1540mAh
   Above I made a simplified version of the spec's for both the LG Motion 4g and the LG Connect 4g. Let's start from the top, both device's have a dual core 1.2Ghz processor. I have done multiple benchmark test's on both device's and even though they should be evenly matched that's not the case. The LG Motion clock's almost twice as fast as the Connect. Quadrant Standard for Android actually say's the device has a 1.5Ghz processor where as the LG Connect only run's at the 1.2. This could be because of the lower resolution on the Motion's screen or maybe the internal memory has something to do with it. The video below is a Benchmark ran on Quadrant Standard for Android on both phone's side by side.

As you can see from the video the LG Motion blow's the LG Connect out of the water on processing speed. Scoring more than double the LG Connect's score.

     As for screen resolution the LG Connect would be superior. Both resolution and Pixel density on the LG Connect are much nicer than the LG Motion. Down side being the higher resolution screen probably accounts for the lower battery life on the device. I have heard people having to charge their Connect 3 or 4 time's a day just to keep it alive. Where as the battery life on the LG Motion is far better with 5.4 hours of talk time and 12.1 day's of standby time this device will outlast almost any smartphone out there today!

   Camera's have the same Megapixels, even though the resolution on the connect's screen may make picture's appear to look better. The LG Motion does have some feature's on the camera that the Connect will not have, for instance you can edit your photo's right on the phone. Also you can take a picture within a video see the video below on how to do this. (These feature's are only available on Android smartphone's that are operating on Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. The LG Motion is on Gingerbread and therefore will not have these feature's.)

   The Motion is on a newer version of Android ( Ice Cream Sandwich) where the Connect is on Gingerbread which is older and has less feature's. One example is the ability to take a screen shot. On the Motion if you press and hold the home key and power it will take a screen shot. This will work no matter what is on your screen I've even zoomed in on a photo and taken a screen shot of the zoomed in photo. Where as there is no way to do a screen shot on the LG Connect unless it is rooted which will void your warranty! Also the LG Motion came equiped with an app called Quick Memo (exclusive to LG devices.) With this app you can take a screen shot that has writing on it. Below are video's demonstrating both method's of taking a screen shot on the LG Motion.

 Last but not least, battery life. The LG Motion win's again with a 1700 mAh battery that allow's you to have 5.4 hour's of talk time and 12.1 day's of standby time. Also from personal experience, from 0% battery the Motion can get a full charge in under 1 hour and 15 minute's. Talk about amazing my Samsung Galaxy s2 take's up to 4 hour's to fill the battery. Where as the LG Connect only get's 4.5 hour's of talk time and from what I've seen that's stretching it.
All in all I would probably pick the LG Motion if I were to buy one of the 2. A half an inch bigger screen and slightly better resolution is hardly enough to get my business. Also let's not forget the 5gb of internal memory that the LG Motion has compared to the 2gb on the Connect! Thank's for reading if you have any question's or would like a particular video to be made feel free to leave it in the comment's or email me directly!
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