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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Metro PCS Black Friday through December 2nd Sale !!! 2012

Metro PCS Black Friday Specials

Black Friday special's at Metro pcs have been extended! These great deal's will be available at your local Metro PCS till December 2nd!

Samsung Galaxy s3 $100 off !

Get the Samsung Galaxy s3 for only $399 on Black Friday. No contract lowest 4g plan's available this deal is unbeatable.

Samsung Galaxy Attain only $99

Black Friday 2012 get the Samsung Galaxy Attain 4g LTE for only $99!

LG Connect 4G $200 off!

LG Connect 4g LTE for only $149.99! Black Friday only.

LG Esteem $200 Off!

LG Esteem for only $179! Black Friday only while supplies last.

Samsung Admire only $69.99!!!

Great deal on this 3g Android device.

Huawei Activa 4g only $99

Check out this blazing fast 4g phone at the great price of only $99! Can be coupled with the $30 4G rate plan. See store's for detail's $30/month 4g plan not available anywhere but the store's.

BOGO Deal!!!

Buy one phone over the price of $79.99 and get the second for free up to a $79.99 value. Make sure to ask how to get this second phone for free you don't even have to keep it active, that's right a free phone without signing a contract!

Accessory's Sale!

Accessory sale's will vary depending on location. If your purchasing a phone you should get at least 20% off the accessories. Make sure to pick up a case or car charger when you are buying your phone you will get a better deal on them! Don't ever forget to ask for a discount on accessories if one is not offered don't be shy the sale person will have some room to play with the price on them. While they usually don't have any room to breath with the phone price.

Make sure to get to your local Metro pcs early Friday morning to insure that you don't miss out on these great special's! Inventory will be limited and once their gone so is the sale!