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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LG Optimus G Hard Reset

LG Optimus G Hard Reset



This will come in useful when you lock yourself out of your phone. Forgot pattern or password here's how to erase the lock on the LG Optimus G by Sprint.
- Turn phone off either by removing the battery and putting it back in or push and hold the power key then chose (power off)
- Press and hold Power and Volume Down at the same time.
- Release th key's when the Factory Hard Reset screen appears.
- Make sure to read the warning and press Power to confirm any other key will abort the reset.
- Press the Power key one more time to confirm.
- Your device will now Hard Reset.
I would always remove your memory card before resetting a device!
If your not locked out of your device you can take the following step's to master reset your device.
- From the home screen press Menu.
- select Settings->Backup and Reset->Factory Data Reset->Reset Device->Erase Everything