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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Worst Metro PCS Phone's of 2012

Warning Do Not Buy!


I put together this short list of Metro pcs handset's not to buy. Beware a salesman that's out of what you want will sell you anything. Your more than welcome to check out my YouTube channel to be able to gauge my opinion, I have thoroughly tested just about every Metro pcs device that's available and have about 10 year's experience in cell phone sale's and repair. So here's my DO NOT BUY list of 2012!

#1 Coolpad Quattro 4g


The Coolpad 4g is a definate do not buy! The screen is very unresponsive and when a screen protector is applied to the screen the bottom button don't work at all. The form factor is bulky and uncomfortable to carry and is running Gingerbread. Device is very slow which is expected with only a 1Ghz single core processor and has very little internal memory which mean's very little space for apps.

#2 ZTE Anthem 4g

I only added this device because for $200+ this should have ICS or Jelly bean. Spec's are ok price is too high. I would definately buy the ZTE Avid or LG Motion over spending this kind of money.

#3 Any 3G Smartphone!

All the 3g smartphone's are a minimum of $50 a month. Minimum plan on 4g device $30/month and the phone's are very close in price. Dont buy a 3g Android device from Metro pcs!