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Friday, December 28, 2012

ZTE Avid Hard Reset

ZTE Avid 4g

Factory Data Reset


Forgot your pattern or lock code and locked out of your ZTE Avid 4g by Metro pcs? Here's how to fix it. Make sure to remove your memory card or it will be wiped out as well...
1. Power off your device either pull the battery and put back in or press and hold the Power Button and select power off.
2. Press and hold Volume up+Power when the phoone vibrate's release the Power Button but continue holding the Volume Up Key.
3. You should now be in recovery mode. Use Volume Down to highlight Wipe data/Factory reset press Power to confirm.
4. Press Power once more to complete then select reboot.
5. Done.


Factory Reset.

menu-settings-privacy-factory data reset- erase everything- yes
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