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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Metro PCS Phone Warranty Explaination

Metro PCS Phone Warranty's

   I had a lot of question's regarding the warranty policy's at Metro pcs. So here's how they work.

All phone's purchased from Metro pcs have a 1 year limited manufacture warranty.  If the phone has physical damage (cracked screen, drop damage to housing) this will void the warranty and you will have to buy a new phone. Water damage will also void this warranty.

For the first 30 day's a warranty exchange is free of charge after 30 day's there may be a $15 fee applied when you receive your replacement. The replacement will more than likely have to be ordered and will take 3-5 business day's to be shipped to the location.  

Water Damage and Physical Damage are covered under insurance which is $5 per month and there will be a deductable for the replacement. Insurance replacement's are shipped directly from Asurion and are not able to be done in store. For more information on how to make an insurance claim see the links below.

There are also some location's that offer repair's or may know where you could get a phone repaired.