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Saturday, February 2, 2013

LG Spirit 4g Hard Reset

LG Spirit 4g Metro pcs

Factory Data Reset

Forgot your pattern or password on the new LG Spirit 4g by Metro pcs. If your locked out of your phone here's how to fix it. Warning make sure to remove your memory card before wiping or you will erase all of your picture's and video's. Also make sure to have your contact's backed up or you will not be able to save them.

Hard Reset
   - Power off your phone by either pressing and holding the power button then select power off or you can remove the battery and put back in.
   - press and hold volume up + volume down + power
   - follow the on screen instruction's to perform the factory data reset device will automatically reboot at the end.
   - you LG Spirit 4g has now been erased to factory defaults. The video below demonstrates this process as well. Make sure to check out my other video's here.

Factory Data Reset (2nd method from home screen.)
Work's on almost any Android device.
- From the home screen press menu->backup and reset->factory data reset->erase all user data->yes