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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LG Spirit 4g Review Metro PCS

LG Spirit 4G Review

Metro PCS


   The latest 4g Android powered handset offered by Metro PCS. I got to check out this monster first hand the other day and was very impressed. I've included the unboxing video I made the other day so you can see this wonderful device. It was launched at a price of $269 and you get $70 back in the mail to make it only $200 after rebate!

    First thing I really like about this device is how thin it is (.37" thin!). The display is very large (4.5") and the quality rate's up there with the GS3. The Spirit run's on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4), therefore you can set up face unlock, edit you photo's, and take screen shot's just like other great ICS powered device's. 

    I first began playing with the camera/camcorder. The quality of the picture and video recording's was wonderful. You can nswitch the camcorder to different level's of HD quality and I would have to say that 1080p is much better than full HD setting. I have a couple video's below of recording taken with the LG Spirit. The first one it was set to full HD the second on is in 1080p.

Full HD Recording from the LG Spirit 4g.

1080p Recording Taken with LG Spirit 4G.

The fluidity and functionality of the LG Spirit was very nice. The screen never missing a beat and the device never showed one hint of lag even when playing HD game's. I ran a couple quadrant standard's to test the performance of the cpu and the Spirit scored off the chart's. The next couple video's are some HD gaming and a Quadrant Standard. Check it out!

Temple Run 2

Quadrant Standard

Death Dome

All and all I would highly recommend this device! I enjoyed using this one just as much as the GS3 and it's $300 less. Check out my YouTube channel here for more review's and how to video's. I will be posting alot more video's on the LG Spirit within the next couple day's make sure to check them out!