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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

iPhone 5 Coming to T-Mobile and Metro PCS Soon !!!

iPhone 5 Review

   Unless you live under a rock I'm sure your aware that T-Mobile is about to be the proud new owner's of Metro pcs. T-Mobile announced that they will be going contract free very soon and will be getting the iPhone. Finally every carrier has the iPhone it's as the world should be. In light of this information about the drastic transformation that's about to take place in the wireless industry one of my YouTube partner's put together this review of the iPhone 5 for all of you Metro pcs and T-Mobile customer's who have felt out of the loop. Not really sure what other change's to expect at this point but will make sure to update this blog with any new information that I come across. Check out the video below for the iPhone 5 overview and make sure to show your support for this YouTuber and head over to his channel and subscribe. 

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