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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LG Motion 4g Root Guide

LG Motion 4g Root Method 

Any file manager from the google play store I use Astro file manager in the video below.

Step 1.

From your LG Motion 4g's home screen press menu->system setting's->security put a check mark in the box next to unknown sources. Then from the home screen press menu->system setting's->developer options put a check mark next to usb debugging it should be the first option.

Step 2.

Place the systembackup.apk on your device. I created a folder on my Motion titled LG Motion Root and placed the apk inside that folder so I could easily find it.

Step 3.

Unzip the o4xr file to your c drive on your computer. 

Step 4. 

On your LG Motion use the file manager you downloaded to install the systembackup.signed.apk. 

Step 5.

Plug your LG Motion into the computer and select charge only. Then open the systembackup app that you just installed. 

Step 6.

Open the command prompt on your computer. Click on the start menu and search cmd it will be the only file  that show's up. Once open type the following into the command prompt;


(press enter in between every command line.)



cd  o4xr



The command prompt will reboot your device automatically and you should have root access now.

Thank's to guy's at AnroidForums and XDA for bringing this root and the download link's to us!

***Note: If this doesn't work the first time around just make sure usb debugging is checked off and that you have the phone set to charge only open system backup apk and try again. In the video I made I said to restart the device after opening systembackup apk you do not need to do this reboot. Sorry for the mis-information.