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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Moving Your Phone Number From One Wireless Carrier to Another Advice

Number Porting Advise

Whether your sick of your current cell phone carrier or looking to save some money, this advise is here to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. First off make sure you weight out the benifit's of switching and that you are switching for the right reason's. Once you've made your decision just follow the tip's below to make this as easy as possible.
1. Make sure to bring your account number with you. You can get your account number either by calling your wireless provider and asking for it or by looking at one of your previous bill's.

2. Make sure you know the correct account information before going to the new carrier. Current address, name on the account, and what carrier you have are all important to know. If a piece of information is incorrect your number will not port over and you will have to re-verify your old account.

3. Make sure you know the pin number to the account. Not every carrier will need this to get your number but definately good to have.

4. Social Security number of the account holder on your account. Not a neccesity but can be used to verify the old account in most situation's.

Other than that just make sure you are making the right decision before porting to the new carrier. Make sure you ask about the return policy in case they do not provide coverage in the area's that you will be using your phone (every company has different return policies, as well as some companies have changed their return policies over the last couple year's. Just because you have 30 day's last time doesn't mean you'll have 30 day's this time!)