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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Samsung Galaxy s4 Unpacked Event 03/14/2014

Samsung Galaxy s4 First Look!!!

     The highly anticipated Galaxy s4 was unveiled on March 14th this year. The phone look's amazing and is packed with some great new feature's like dual camera's, home sync, smart scroll, and much more! One amazing new feature is air gesture's, that's right you can control the phone without even touching it now! Check out the video's below to see the Samsung Galaxy s4 Unpacked event and a closer look at some of the new feature's!

Special thank's to Techspecialist41611 for bringing us the footage straight from the event and for uploading them ASAP! Make sure to show your appreciation and subscribe to his channel here.

Samsung Galaxy s4 Unpacked Event 03/14/2014

S-Translate Demonstration

Home Sync Demonstration

Group Play Demonstration

S-Health Overview

Smart Scroll (Air Gesture's) Overview

Last but not least -

Overview of the Dual Camera's 

Yet again I would say that Samsung is bringing us the most powerful Android of the year with the latest feature's that are available! Check back for release date's and carrier information I will post it as soon as I know more.