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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ZTE Avid 4g Root Guide Metro pcs

ZTE Avid 4g Root Instructions

File Needed

 ZTE Avid 4g root (MetroPCS).zip - Download here.

Download the Metro Phone Repair App


   I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device in the process of rooting the phone. If something goes wrong feel free to message me but in no way do I garuntee that I will know how to fix or that I can somehow replace the phone. Any time you root an Android device it does void your warranty.

Step 1.

    With power turned on plug the ZTE Avid 4g into your computer. Select Install Driver's for connection type and let your device install the driver's.

Step 2.

    Download the file ZTEAvid4groot(metropcs).zip and unzip to the root of your c: drive on your computer. Once unzipped file will be named 6.

Step 3.

    Power off phone by pressing the power key for about 3 second's and selecting power off. Then reboot phone to FTM mode by pressing and holding Volume Down+Power.

Step 4.

    Plug phone into the computer via usb cable. Now open command prompt. To open command prompt click on start and search for cmd. 

Step 5.

   Type the following into command prompt. 





cd 6




Step 6.

       Device will start to reboot when it get's to the home screen press and hold power button and choose power off. Once device is powered off press and hold the Power+Volume Down until device reboot's into FTM mode again. Command prompt will now finish running the script and will say finished when it's complete.

Step 7.

       That's it your device should now be rooted. Download root checker and run the app to make sure it worked. Busy box and super user should now be installed. Below is a video on how to root the ZTE Avid 4g for Metro pcs. If you have any question's feel free to leave them in the comment's section.