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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Saving's at Metro PCS!

     This promotion is only available for new activation's, mail in rebate's are not valid with upgrade's or purchases mase without activation!

     I like this promotion but do wish all customer's were eligible for the mail in rebate's. You could always change your phone number's to be able to take advantage of this promotion, but who really want's to do that. They also raised the price of the LG Motion 4G back to $149 from $50 ! Last month you could get 2 LG Motion's for $100 after rebate on new activation's now that will be $150. Sound's like they are trying to recover some money here, that's a pretty high price jump for an android with a 3.5" touch screen. With the merge right around the corner I'd expect to see alot more changes coming very soon...