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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Metro pcs T-Mobile Merge New's


           Yesterday was supposed to be the big day but it was pushed off again after a slight revision with the deal between T-Mobile and Metro pcs. Shareholder's for Metro pcs were scheduled to vote on the merger yesterday and were very unhappy with the deal as proposed. In fear of losing the vote T-Mobile lowered the debt being given to Metro pcs by 3.8 billion dollar's and lowered the interest rate on this debt by half a percent. They are now scheduled to vote April 24th 2013. Shareholder's for Metro pcs are still hoping for a little more from T-Mobile and I will update this blog with any changes in the deal before the 24th. The shareholder's for Metro pcs could turn this merger down and at the moment the deal still doesn't look that great.

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