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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

T-Mobile Metro Update !

      Merge New's !

     Earlier today it was announced that Metro pcs will be around for about 2 more year's, even though yes T-Mobile now own's Metro and will be slowly moving Metro pcs customer's over to T-Mobile's network. I'm dying to see how fast they start migrating customer's over... Does this mean that everyone has to get new phone's? Only if you have Metro pcs. I would expect to see some very nice offer's on the exsisting Metro pcs phone's followed by some even better deal's on T-Mobile handset's. Keep your eye's open for the deal's because there coming!

May Promotion's for Metro pcs!

    Fyi, tomorrow Metro pcs is starting their latest promotion. That's right it starts... $50 instant off most 4g handset's plus another $50 back in the mail. This offer will only be available on new activation's, upgrade's are not eligible for rebate's. That bring's device's like the LG Motion and the Huawei Premia 4G down to only $49.99 after rebate's !!! Also the mail in rebate offer below is being extended into the month of May! Get up to $300 back when you get 3 new line's of service.