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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tomorrow's The Big Day!

We Find Out Tomorrow

   The wait should be over tomorrow April 24th 2013 when Metro pcs stock holder's will be voting on T-Mobile's revised offer to purchase Metro pcs. Look's like it's going to happen this time, they cut the debt load by 3.8 billion and lowered the interest rate on the debt to sweeten the deal for pcs shareholder's. Make sure to check out my YouTube channel tomorrow and this blog for any breaking new's with this merger!

    Personally, I'm very curious what will happen to the Metro pcs store's and brand name? I've heard rumor's that it won't change but I've also heard that it will take on T-Mobile's name... If it does my guess would be that we will see some store's closing their door's over the cost involved with the brand change.  

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