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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy s4 Hard Reset Metro pcs

Samsung Galaxy s4 Hard Reset

Metro pcs

Forgot your pattern or password and can't get in your phone here's how to get rid of it! Warning always make sure to remove your memory card when perform any kind of reset so you don't lose your picture's and video's!
1- Power down the phone by pressing and holding the power key and selecting power off or pull the battery and put back in.
2- With the phone powered off press and hold the following key's ( Home + Volume Down + Power ) after a couple second's the phone will vibrate. Let go of the power button when the phone vibrate's continue to hold down the other 2 button.
3- This will bring you to recovery. Use volume down to highlight Factory reset/ Wipe data and press power to confirm.
That's it ! Everything has now been erased off your phone including that lock screen! If you had any trouble with the instruction's above I made a video below showing exactly how to do this. Good Luck!

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