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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Samsung Galaxy s5 Hard Reset

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Reset


Maybe your phone is stuck in a bootloop (where you can't get past the Samsung logo when starting) or the display won't wake up or you've broken your screen. You can still perform a reset by using the physical buttons. You can also use this to wipe a forgotten password off the device!

Warning this will erase everything I am not responsible for any lost picture's, contact's, or any information of any kind!

1. Turn your Galaxy S5 off.
2. Press and hold the Power button, Volume Up button and Home key. You'll see a blue notification in the top left of the screen and then an animated Android image until you are brought to the recovery menu.

4. Use the volume up button to scroll to ''Wipe data/Factory reset'' and hit that Power button again. Scroll down on the next screen to ''Yes'' and away you go. You'll get the same completed notification in yellow at the bottom and you can then scroll to ''Reboot system now'' and that's it: set up your Galaxy S5 from scratch and restore your apps and data.

Alternate Method's: 

     1. From the dialer: you can simply enter the following code to do a factory reset: *2767*3855# but this doesn't work on every handset (it didn't work for me on our Galaxy S5, for example).

      2. Setting's Menu: The simplest way is to head back to the Backup and Restore section of the settings menu and look at the bottom for the Factory Data Reset section. Tap this and proceed through the warnings then sit back and enjoy a clean phone once it reboots.