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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Avant 4g LTE Hard Reset

Samsung Galaxy Avant 4g LTE

Master Hard Reset (using Hardware Keys)

Locked out of your phone? Forget your password ? Here's how to erase the lock code so you can use your phone again. Warning make sure to remove your memory card I will in no way take responsibility for you erasing your prized photos or text's from your ex that you of course needed for court. It is also not my fault if you chose not to read this whole paragraph before jumping to wipe your phone before removing your memory card. Always make sure you have your Android device's backed up to a Gmail account and that you do not forget the log-ins for that Gmail account.

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Step 1. Power off your phone by either pulling out the battery or press and hold Power then select "Power Off".

Step 2. Press and hold the following button's at the same time Volume Up + Home + Power . When the phone vibrate's release the Power button but continue to hold Volume Up + Home.

Step 3. Use Volume Down to highlight Wipe Data Factory Reset. Press Power to confirm.

Step 4. Use Volume Down to highlight YES then press Power to confirm.

There you go you have erased everything on the device including that pesky password.

Here's a video just in case you have any trouble finding the Volume up button or anything...

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