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Saturday, January 17, 2015

HTC Evo LTE Master Reset Sprint

HTC Evo LTE Master Reset

Forgot pattern or password and locked out of your phone? This will factory reset the phone and get rid of the lock. Warning make sure to remove your memory card before wiping the phone. Also back-up your contact's if possible this will delete them.

1. Power off your device either by pressing and holding the power key then select "power off."
2. Hold the "Volume Down" key.
3. Press and release the "Power" key.
4. You should now be in the Bootloader.
5. Use "Volume down" to highlight "clear storage."
6. Press "Power" to select "Clear Storage."
7. Use "Volume Up" to confirm.
                                        Finished, your device will now be back to factory default setting's and be clear of all user loaded data. If you were locked out the lock is now gone and you can begin setting your phone back up. I have also included a video tutorial below.