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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Metro PCS New Upgrade Policy

Metro PCS Upgrade Rule

90 day rule NEW

   The time has come where Metro PCS is making changes to some of their rule's to compensate for lost money on handset's. By lost money I mean that Metro PCS actually charges customer's far less for the phones than they pay for them. All carrier's do this, but most carriers have contracts to ensure that they will make their money back on the phone. Metro PCS being a pre paid carrier with no commitment has no guarantee that a customer will stay at all. So, the new rule which starts this month is that if a new device has been activated on your line in the last 90 days you will have to pay full price for the phone. In some case's it will actually be cheaper to purchase a new line and just cancel your old one.... of course this also requires changing your phone number. I for one really hope they find another way to safe guard themselves from this without penalizing the customers that just like to buy new phones often. Just to give you an example the ZTE Zmax is priced at $100 right now but if you upgraded in the last 90 days this phone will actually be over $249!!! If you have any question's about the 90 upgrade rule or anything else feel free to email me anytime or leave your question in the comment section.

This is a description to the stores on how this works directly from Metro PCS

5. 90-Day Upgrade Rule: For an upgrade to qualify for reimbursement, subscriber must not have activated a new device within the prior 90 days, including new activations and upgrades. Upgrade must occur 91 days or later to qualify. Any upgrades that do not meet this requirement should be charged full SRP to the customer. Accordingly, the rebate program will not payout the activation rebate, and will charge back the up-front discount received at the time of handset purchase from the LDC. See the “90-day Upgrade Chargeback” schedule for amounts by handset.