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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blu Advance 4.0 Hard Reset

Blu Advance 4.0

Master Reset

   Locked out of your phone? This will erase that password and let you back in but you will lose any and all user data that is on the phone. Make sure to always remove your memory card before doing a hard reset on any phone. The Blu Advance 4.0 is available on Amazon for only $79!!! Here are the instructions to hard reset the Advance 4.0 this may work on other Blu models as well. 

Step 1. Power off the phone by either pulling the battery or push nand hold the Power button and press Power Off. 

Step 2. While the phone is still powered off and has the battery in it press and hold the following buttons - Power/Volume Up/Volume Down - release these once you see the option for Recovery Mode

Step 3. Press Volume Up to enter Recovery Mode. 

Step 4. Use the Volume Down Key to highlight Wipe Data/Factory Reset and press the Power button to select. 

Step 5. Use Volume Down to highlight Yes and Power to select. 

Step 6. Press Power to Reboot Device and you Done!

There you have it your phone is back to Factory Default and can be accessed again if you were locked out.