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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Metro PCS Limited Time $50 Unlimited Plan!

Limited Time Offer from Metro PCS

      For a limited time with any LTE phone you can now get the Unlimited 4G LTE plan for only $50 per month. You get all the same features as the $60 plan for $10 less! This offer is only available for  LTE capable device's. Here's a list of the LTE phone's available now at any Metro PCS location. 

- Samsung Galaxy Light 4G LTE   $49

- LG Optimus F60   $59

- ZTE Zmax $99

- Samsung Galaxy Avant  $69

- Samsung Galaxy S5   $589

     Don't forget this plan is only available for these phones! Don't miss this chance pick one up today! This plan is also available for upgrade customers or existing customers with LTE handsets already.