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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Microsoft Holo Lens

Microsoft Holo Lens

   Words just cannot describe how excited I am about this one. Holo Lens will be the world's first holographic computer. This will revolutionize how we interact with technology in general. Since it is very hard to find the words to make someone comprehend this the video's below show a brief demonstration of the Holo Lens. Also make sure to check out Microsoft's website for the Holo Lens to sign up for update's or to be a developer. 

Microsoft Holo Lens

Microsoft HoloLens puts you at the center of a world that blends holograms with reality. With the ability to design and shape holograms, you’ll have a new medium to express your creativity, a more efficient way to teach and learn, and a more effective way to visualize your work and share ideas. Your digital content and creations will be more relevant when they come to life in the world around you.

I can't wait to try out Minecraft on the Holo Lens. Can you imagine your entire home is now the world your game is built in?

The possibilities are endless gaming, creating, entertainment, and more! 

As holograms, your digital content will be as real as physical objects in the room. For the first time, holograms will become practical tools of daily life.
Shape holograms to fine-tune a design. Interact with them to learn something new. When you share your ideas, show and tell from multiple perspectives. Microsoft HoloLens enables you to make decisions more confidently, work more effectively, and bring your ideas to life right before your eyes.