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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SolidEnergy Batteries Coming Soon!

   SolidEnergy is an MIT startup with $4.5 million in funding, and it has 12 employees who have been working on this new technology for the past three years. The company has developed an ultra-thin metal anode that has twice the density of the graphite and silicon anodes commonly used in smartphone batteries.

   What this actually means is that they can make batteries half the size that provide the same amount of battery life. SolidEnergy has already struck a deal with Google, to be used in their up and coming Project Ara. Project Ara is developing a phone, similar to the Phone Blocks concept, where you will be able to replace individual parts to the phone. Great concept, basically you could buy a phone and never buy another phone again. When it become's dated you just purchase an upgrade plug it into the back of the phone and your done. 

    SolidEnergy plans on making their batteries available to all phone manufacturers by 2016 and is hoping to be used in electric cars at that time as well. 

    Hat's off to both companies for striving to change the way things are and helping the environment. Smaller batteries and phones that potentially last a lifetime will cut down on electronic waste quite a bit! I wish every company had these type of goals... Here's some technical info from SolidEnergy's website. 

Just to show you the size difference...

High Energy Density:  "Anode-less" battery design with ultra-thin metal anode improves the cell-level energy density by 50% compared to graphite anodes and 30% compared to silicon-composite anodes.

Safe: Non-flammable and non-volatile, and can safely operate at elevated temperatures. 

Manufacturing: Can be manufactured using existing Li-ion manufacturing facility, leveraging mature infrastructure.

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