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Saturday, February 7, 2015

UK Drug Dealers Love the Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210 More Popular Than Ever

      Well, in today's day and age everything is coming back right? So why not bring back some of the older gen cell phone's. There's definitely some upsides to those worried about the government tracking their every move, or obtaining your personal information (even picture's!) Well the Nokia 8210 comes from the preGPS day's and can prevent just that! That's right there's no GPS tracking this bad boy and the battery life is exceptional. Check out this quote about why most drug dealers in the UK are still using these. 


I've got three Nokia 8210 phones and have been told they can be trusted, unlike these iPhones and new phones, which the police can easily [use to] find out where you've been... the feds can now use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to get information from the phone, and seem to be able to listen to phones a lot easier now than ever before. Every dealer I know uses old phones, and the Nokia 8210 is the one everyone wants because of how small it is and how long the battery lasts. And it was the best phone when it came out. I couldn't afford one in Jamaica back in the day, but now I've got four."-K2, drug dealer


Well that about say's it all and yes the government can really do these thing's. Technology is getting simply amazing and of course that has it's draw backs. So if your worried about the local police getting info or your location throw away that iPhone and dig one of these out of the closet.