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Thursday, March 12, 2015

CIA Helps Justice Department Violate Americans Freedom

CIA and Justice Department Aloud to do Anything Now?

    So the CIA has reportedly teamed up with the Justice Department to violate some more of Americans rights. Apparently they have designed a technology which enables them to locate someone using their cell phone and get information off of it, without reason or permission. I'm sorry but don't we have a right to privacy? Or is that just a joke? They claim they are using this to locate wanted felons but who's to say that true? Remember they didn't even tell us they were doing this until after the fact. I for one do not agree with this at all and think that there should be a ton more regulation on both these departments, shouldn't the american people have a say if they want this technology in use or not? 

   First thing on my to do list put as much weird shit as possible on my phone for them to see. Then sit back and hope they come knocking. I'll be waiting with all the proof I need to show that this is just a blatant disregard for the constitution and that they are wasting there time doing this. You think the people that are actually wanted by these organizations are just giving their number to them for tracking purposes... (kinda doubt that) Or for that matter that they would be stupid enough to have a phone number for very long or under their own name. I wonder how many people on America's most wanted list do they have a phone number for? Furthermore if you have their number, isn't it easier to use GPS tracking and arrest the person... This needs to be addressed we are slowly becoming prisoners in this FREE country.