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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Eat 24 Application Review


Time to change it up a little. This review is about a food ordering App that I use all the time called Eat24. Eat24 can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices and connects you to local delivery and take out restaurants. Honestly this app really opened my eyes to a whole new group of places that deliver in my area and I love having options. Average delivery fee is $2 or more depending on the location. They also send you coupons on the weekend for a couple dollars off your order! Ordering is easy the App runs very smooth and I haven't hit an area yet that is lacking in choices. Overall I'd rate this app a 9.5 !!! Only point deduction is the delivery charges. I understand them but do not agree with them, I'd rather tip the delivery person an extra $2 than pay a delivery charge which probably doesn't go to the driver anyway!