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Saturday, March 14, 2015

How to Enable a Disabled App Android

How to Enable Disabled Apps

Android How To

I had a customer today who couldn't find their Google Play Store. After looking through the phone a little, I noticed that Google Play had been disabled somehow. This is a pretty easy thing to fix which can instantly make people think their is not working right. When any app is disabled on an Android phone it actually cannot be seen on your homescreen or in the App drawer anymore. So I figured I would share how to solve this pesky problem. 


Go To the setting's icon on your phone. Either by pressing menu and clicking on settings or by clicking on the settings icon in your app drawer.

Then scroll down to Applications

Swipe the screen to the right where it says "all"

Scroll to the bottom of the list where you will find any disabled apps

Click on the App you wish to enable. 

Last step click "Enable"

Note: The option to enable did not show up on the Google Play Store. All I did was enable every Google App and uninstall the updates on the Google Play Store and it enabled itself. This will make the Google Play store reappear if it has disappeared from your phone.