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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5 How To Enable Developer Options

Samsung Galaxy S5
Developer Options

So, I'm in the process of rooting my Samsung Galaxy S5 for Metro PCS and I thought it was interesting how you gain access to the developer options on this phone. It's not too hard but for anyone who has never had to get to them it can be tricky. Don't forget rooting your device does void your warranty and is not suggested. If you decide to root your phone please do so at your own risk. This is only the first step to rooting the S5 I will be posting a full tutorial later today. Thanks for reading.

How to Enable Developer Options

1. Go to settings on your phone.

2. Click on About Device

3. Scroll down to "Build Number" and click on it 7 times.

4. Press the "Back Button" to go back one screen and "Developer Options" will now be visible right above "About Device". Now you can enable USB Debugging and continue to rooting your device!