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Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on the LG Optimus F60

How to Turn Off Safe Mode

LG Optimus F60

I've seen a ton of people that accidently put their phone into Safe Mode and without knowing how to turn it off well it becomes a pretty big issue. When Safe Mode is enabled you cannot use the internet or make phone calls. Which basically means your phone just turned into a paper weight... So, I figured I would put together the following video showing people how to turn this off and regain the ability to use your phone again. Fyi, no this is not a problem with your phone nor is there a virus oon your phone. I have seen many sale people use this as a way to sell someone a new phone you have been warned this is really easy to fix on any phone!

Thats right it is that easy to fix LOL! No big long solutions and definitely do not need to hard reset the phone and lose all your info/apps. Always make sure to check my site or YouTube channel for the solution before going to a store. Can't find the fix? Leave your problem in the comments of this blog or one of my videos on YouTube and I will get back to you as soon as possible.