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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to Use / Turn Off Talk Back Mode on any Android

Talk Back Mode
Any Android Device

Talk Back is designed to make using a touch screen phone possible for the visually impaired or blind. I've seen a lot of people turn this on by accident and if you don't know how to navigate the phone with this turned on it is almost impossible to turn it off. You can tell if your phone is in Talk Back mode if anything you click on highlights the option and tells you what it is but doesn't open the app. I even had one customer tell me the last store told them the phone has a virus LOL, always get a second opinion because salesmen will lie when they don't know the answer.... Read on to see how to navigate your phone and turn this feature off.

- Talk Back -

1. To open an app you have to click on it once (highlighting the app) then while it is highlighted double tap on the app. If done correctly it will now open. This is the same to open the App Drawer, tap it once to highlight then double tap to open.

2. Now that you have your app drawer open you need to scroll your screen to get to the Settings icon. To swipe the screen you have to use 2 fingers and swipe in the desired direction. Once you see the Settings icon tap it once to highlight and double tap to open.

3. Now you should be in your Settings Menu. You will need to scroll to Accessibility, once again use 2 fingers to scroll then tap once to highlight and double tap to open. 

4. On most Android phones Talk Back is the first option. Tap once to highlight and double tap to turn off. Done your phone should be back to normal now!

If for some reason this didn't work for you I made this video showing exactly how to turn it off.

Of course last resort you can always do a Hard Reset. Check out my YouTube Channel to see how to hard reset your phone!