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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Avant LTE HD Gaming Demonstrations

Samsung Galaxy Avant LTE
Gaming Demo

Looking for a new phone and not sure which to buy. Well here's a couple video's that may help. I played 2 different HD quality games on the Samsung Galaxy Avant to see how smooth it would be and I have to say this is probably the smoothest $100 phone I have ever laid eyes on. Hell I've seen phone 2 or 3 times the price run slower than this bad boy. See for yourself below in these videos.

Temple Run 2

If you think that was good check out this fast paced high graphic game for Android.

Moto Loko

Temple Run 2 and Moto Loko can both be downloaded for free in the Google Play store! Download them today and see if your phone matches up to the Samsung Galaxy Avant LTE! Also make sure to check out my YouTube Channel for more great videos on Metro PCS phones. Be warned if you do not subscribe to my channel a flock of seagulls will fly over your car and crap all over it. I swear this really happens so you have been warned!