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Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to Apply a Screen Protector NO BUBBLES!

How to Apply a Screen Protector

No Bubbles!

So, I am constantly seeing screen protectors that were applied horribly. Tons of bubbles and pealing off within just a few days. Screen protectors are a thin piece of plastic meant for protecting your screen from minor scratches and drops. In this post I'm going to show you a great trick on how to apply any screen protector without any bubbles. Best part about this method is you can even take the screen protector off and reapply it (if your careful). Warning if you skip any of these steps this will not work for you, if you half ass my method you will get half assed results. Make sure to follow each step!

What you will Need

Screen protector (custom fit for your phone or universal)

Spray bottle full of water or windex

Scratch free cloth (most screen protectors come with this if not just use a tshirt.)

ID Card or Credit Card

Very clean workspace (any dust or dirt can get under the screen protector and cause bubbles)

Last but not least your phone (tough to apply a screen protector without it)

Step 1.  Apply a small amount of windex to your phones screen and clean it off very well. There can be absolutely no dust or particles of anything on your screen. This step is very important anything on your screen will get stuck under the screen protector and will cause bubbles.

Step 2. After cleaning the screen set the phone down on your clean work space screen facing up.

Step 3. Now it's time to prepare your screen protector. Most screen protectors have a thin layer of plastic on both sides which need to be removed. In this step you should only remove the side that says the number 1. Carefully hold the screen protector from the edges and peel off the first side. 

Step 4. While still holding the edges of your screen protector take the windex or water and lightly spray the side that you just peeled the protective layer off from.

Step 5. Now while still holding the screen protector from the edges carefully center the screen protector and best as possible and place it on your screen wet side down. No worries if it isn't perfect yet.

Step 6. Because of the windex you will now be able to move the screen protector into the proper place. Go ahead just slide it a little in any direction desired.

Step 7. You may now remove the second protective layer labeled 2 if there is another. Be careful not to pull the actual screen protector off the phone.

Step 8. Once the screen protector is properly centered you will now take your ID or Credit Card and wrap the cloth over the edge of the card (this will protect from scratching the screen protector with the edge of your card). Now starting with the center of your screen use the edge of the card covered with the cloth to smooth out the bubbles. You will see droplets of the windex/water come out of the sides, this is ok you are not going to fry your phone or cause water damage from this I have done this a lot and that has never happened to me.

Step 9. Once all the bubbles are out you are done! If the screen protector shifts position while smoothing out the bubbles you can just slide it back into place. If you use too much water/windex the screen protector will move around very easily (let the phone sit and dry for an hour or so and this is fixed.)

If you have any issues feel free to leave your questions in the comment section of this blog. I will also be putting together a YouTube video demonstrating this process later today for everyone. Since using this method I have not had a screen protector last less than the life of my phone. Without any bubbles they last a very long time! Thanks for reading.