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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 PUK Code T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S6
PUK Code

I had a customer who constantly called this the puke code, lol. It is quite annoying and well it's caused by entering the wrong lock code in to much... Here's how to get it resolved, unfortunately you will have to call customer care to get the actual code.

Related errors:

"PIN code blocked. Enter PUK code:"

"Enter PUK code"

"SIM card locked. Emergency calls only. Please contact 

Customer Care"

If you enter a PIN code incorrectly several times in a row, the device blocks you from attempting again. To enter a PUK code and unblock the PIN, follow these steps:

Important: You must call Customer Care for the PUK code. Entering the wrong code can permanently damage your SIM card.

  1. Contact Customer Care to request your PUK code.
  2. Tap the Phone icon to open the dialer.
  3. Note: If your phone is not yet PUK locked, touch Emergency Call on the screen where you enter the PIN code.
  4. Enter **05*[PUK]*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#
    If this does not work, enter only the PUK code, then the new PIN if prompted.
  5. When the phone displays 'Unblocking PIN: Registration was successful' tap OK.