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Sunday, August 16, 2015

LF Flex 2 Full Screen Front Facing Camera

LG Flex 2
For Sprint
The flex 2 has an amazing camera, both the front and rear cameras are very impresive. The otherday I had someone ask me how to make the front facing camera show up as ful screen and I just couldn't figure it out. So diging through the web I found my answer on Reddit and it's probably the easiest fix I've ever seen. The front facing camera is designed to be able to take photos in little to no light which is why this happens. To make it go ful screen again all you have to do is turn off the flash! Yup it's that simple.

This feature definitely makes this phone the King of selfie taking! If you can't stop taking taking those selfies this is the device for you!

Thanks for reading if you have anything you ned to learn how to do on your smartphone let me know right in the comments and I wil be sure to answer as fast as possible. Also check out my YouTube Channel.