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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

LG G5 Hard Reset

LG G5 Factory Data Reset

   Lock yourself out of your new LG G5? Forgot the pattern, password, or maybe lost your finger? Well here's how to factory reset the G5 from recovery mode. Warning make sure to remove your memory card and never forget your Gmail logins. These are very important and are required to regain access to most new devices. 

Step 1. Power off your G5 by pressing and holding the Power key on the back of the phone until the Power Off option appears on your screen. Then select Power Off.

Step 2. Once the phone is powered off press and hold the Volume + Pwoer Key at the same time. Continue holding these until you see the words Recovery Booting.

Step 3. Your now in Recovery mode. Use Volume Down to highlight Wipe Data/Factory Reset and press Power to confirm. 

Step 4. Use Volume Down to highlight Yes and press Power to confirm. 

Step 5. Press Power to Reboot System now, this will take you back to the home screen. 

There you have it your device has been erased and set back to factory defaults. Make sure to check out my YouTube channel and hit subscribe while your there! I will be putting together a video of this process later and will add it to this blog post. Official YouTube Channel Click Here!!